Thursday, May 1, 2014

House Pics- 2 Downstairs

Downstairs- Entry way, Ron office, Master bath, Master bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry/sewing, Library, Dining room. (not pictured- mom's bedroom, bathroom, and exercise room). 

Front entry way.

Ron office.

Guest bath. (this also has a small french door that opens into the master bathroom) Small corner tub in here and a walk in shower in the master bathroom.

Master bed room. (no window treatments here yet- still trying to decide on what I want :)

Living room.


Instead of a walk IN pantry...this is my walk BY pantry :) 
Since it is only 1 shelf deep- nothing ever gets lost in the "way back".

Laundry room and sewing room.


Dining room.

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