Thursday, May 1, 2014

House Pics- 3 Outside

I have had some requests on Face Book for some more "house pics"...but I just can't put this much personal info. out there online- hehe- well not out there on FB for the entire FB audience to see :) So here it is...for my personal audience to see :) I still have some of my
Easter decor out. Some of the photos are not great. I'm still trying to figure out how websites like Houzz, get such great photos :) The next three posts are house pics 1,2,and 3.

So here is our...even though I love country style- country is too cluttered for me...can't do rustic style- because how do you clean rough wood and stone...can't do traditional because it is too ornate...can't do modern, because it is too cold looking...minimalist works pretty good for me :)...I guess we ended up with a mixture of styles. Ron usually tells people the style we have is "practical". hehe


Carrie said...

The thing I'm dying to know is how do you clean a house that size...I was drowning in a 3600 sq foot seemed I could clean all day and never get done. Of course, my solution was to hire someone else to do it, but I can't imagine there's too many cleaners out there in the country. Guess you just have to pick a room a day and do that, but man, the dusting alone would kill me : )

Debora said...

Yep...I can pretty much clean to my hearts content and then start over again. One thing that helps is not having small children here every day- just 3 old people :) much different than having to clean up after an active family day in and day out.

The Wildwood said...

It looks so nice Debbie, you have waited a long time to get to where you wanted and I am so glad for you and Ron. I am like Carrie, how do you keep it all clean, the older I get the slower I get! I love your pantry wall also, such a great idea and it looks nice.
Why did you not make the stair slide big enough for me to slide down???? ;)

Sharon said...

Debbie, your home is just beautiful! I love all the innovations such as the bunk house and the slide down the stairs! I still intend to visit sometime when I'm in San Antonio with Chelsea. So happy for you and Ron to be settled into such a lovey area. Hugs, Sharon