Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Master Bedroom Decor

Earlier in the year I had ordered blinds for most of the windows upstairs and a few of the windows downstairs. I finally got to the windows and the glass door in our bedroom. I had actually ordered the blinds in September, but somehow, UPS lost the big pleated blinds for the door. I don't know how they could loose something that big and custom made...but they did. Which meant reordering...which also turned into a problem. But...they finally arrived. I love them. Gray pleated blinds and paisley sheer drapes. (The photos don't turn out very good with the light coming in through the windows- the colors actually look better than the photos.)

The color for the drapes, the bedspread, and my dresser runner is a (light) terra cotta- combined with the gray works well... not too feminine for a master bedroom. Remember my bathroom tile is also gray with terra cotta, cream, brown, lt. gold etc. I also bought three gray rugs- two for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. I have some fabric to quilt for a rocking chair cover and pillows. Those colors are black, gray, teal, cream, terra cotta. Not sure when I will get to that project ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

November 6 Don Williams Concert

For my birthday present...Ron bought tickets to the Piano Guys concert in September and to the Don Williams concert on Nov. 6. Both were at the Tobin Center in San Antonio. We loved both performances.

Halloween Stuff :)

A few pics of my Halloween decorations and my "Trunk-or-Treat" suburban and treats.

Here is what everyone else did for Halloween!

October 2014

On September 27, mom moved from Methodist hospital to the Bandera Rehabilitation and Care Center. She was on a blood thinner, still had an infection in her leg and other open wounds from sitting and not being able to walk. The chemo had zapped her strength to the point where she was bed ridden. She did one more round of Chemo on October 14. (Early in November, she made a difficult decision to stop the chemo treatments. She would spend the last two weeks of October, then all of November and December resting and regaining her mobility.)
Ron's recovery took longer than he expected. During October, November, and December our life was interspersed between doctor appointments. Some appointments to follow up on his knee surgery and other appointments...because...they were free - lol. (Since we paid our high deductible and all of our out of pocket expense on Ron's surgery- all medical items were covered for the rest of the year.) Our appointments included, eye exams, allergy tests, cataract surgery, dermatologist, primary care doctor, blood tests, and ultrasounds.
The highlight of October was a visit from the Andersons to the Care Center, the day after Halloween. They showed up dressed as Mary Poppins, Burt, and two very cute little penguins. They sang songs and passed out candy to the residents of the Care Center.

Second Big Event of September

The same week that mom was in Methodist hospital, Ron was in North Central Baptist Hospital on the north side of San Antonio having total knee replacement surgery. Wednesday, September 24.(This post will be  much shorter than mom's birthday event, because I have no pictures of Ron's surgery :) I took pictures of the "waiting area", where I spent all morning. Then I got two pictures of his room, before he got there. That's it... no other pictures...of which, he is probably glad.

They rolled him in on a hospital bed, near the right side of the room. This hospital was a really nice place compared to Methodist, where mom was. Gary, Quin, and Doug went to see her, so that I could stay with Ron. Gary and Quin left on Monday afternoon. Doug stayed until Thursday. Ron's surgery was early on Wednesday morning. 
We had tickets to a "Piano Guys" concert in SA on Tuesday evening. 

We went to that and then stayed at a motel near the hospital. 
The doctor was Dr. Jacobs of The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. Ron's surgery went well. In fact the first day he was on so much pain killer...he felt really good. By Friday...not so great. I took him home on Friday night. It was storming really bad in San Antonio, traffic was bad getting out of town. I decided to go out through Boerne- slow traffic all the way. Then we stopped at Walgreen's to get meds...LONG wait there. Then more driving in heavy rain. FINALLY made it home late. 
Ron scheduled this surgery for the end of September, so that he would be mostly recovered by Thanksgiving, for our family gathering in CA. Good plan :) 
He was very diligent about doing his in home exercises. For the first week or so, I was the the "pill dispenser" and the "ice machine". He also had "in home care" from Peterson Hospital for a couple of weeks. 

First Big Event for September

Our big family project for September was mom's 80th birthday. The first thing I did, about the 1st of September, was go on Face book and send out messages to all of her "friends" asking them if they would like to send her a birthday card. If so...just write "Birthday" on the outside of the envelope and then I would know to save it for her birthday. That project worked great...she got tons of cards. I put them in a cute gift bag and then gave it to her on her birthday.

I have lots of pictures from the party...I will try to collage some of them. The girls all helped with decorations, cake, food, and photos. Annie came up with the idea of a "cow/western" theme- for which she made a really cute black and white cow cake.

I made some red western table cloths, we served cake and ice cream on red paisley paper plates in silver foil pie tins, red napkins, mason jar drinks, rock candy, etc. I gathered up some old photos of mom and Audrey made a photo collage poster and hung some cute photos of great grand kids on the wall. We had black and white cow balloons and other western decor.

Cutest little cow at the party!

The girls sang some songs...including
"Home on the Range"

Eli conducted the singing of "Happy Birthday".

It was the best birthday party, we ever hosted :) As you can see from the pictures, mom was still smiling, but it was too bad that she wasn't feeling very well. It was especially fun to she her SURPRISE as everyone arrived. Gary and Quin arrived during the night on they were here at the house on Friday morning. They stayed with mom, during the day on Friday, so that I could go to San Antonio and pick up Ashley, Alison, and Evelyn. We stopped to do some last minute grocery shopping on the way back out. Late Friday evening, Doug arrived. He drove his truck from Denver (took a couple of long days). Also, late Friday night Sam went to the airport to pick up Annie. She stayed at their house and they all came out on Saturday morning...with the cakes that Annie made and the decorations that Audrey worked on. Mom had no idea that everyone was coming. After all of our Saturday afternoon festivities and dinner on Saturday was in her bedroom and she had been talking about her leg hurting for a couple of days...when I took her stocking off and looked at her leg, I knew that it was infected. Gary, Quin, and I took her to the ER in Boerne. Spent all evening there...about midnight they took her by ambulance to Methodist hospital in San Antonio. (She also had a blood clot in her lung). Both of those things were the result of her immobility and weakness from the chemo treatments. We didn't realize how bad, sitting in the chair all day and then also sleeping in the chair all night, could be, until it was too late. 

On Sunday evening, we celebrated 2 more birthdays. Doug and Annie, with chocolate cake!