Sunday, December 28, 2014

August 1-2 Honey & Lace Show

On Friday, August 1, Ashley and I drove to Houston to do a dress show at a National Home School Convention. We stayed at a hotel near the airport and did the show Friday night and all day on Saturday. It was fun and we sold a pretty good number of dresses and skirts. Audrey took off work on Friday to take care of all the kids at our house. (Also most of the day on Saturday) She had fun little activities planned for them. Ash and I didn't arrive back home until late Saturday night. That was also the weekend that Sam and Audrey were moving into their new house and the Simms arrived at our house.

Maybe Ashley should be a model ;)
She had fun trying skirts and dresses on and processing credit cards on my IPad.
All of her retail skills from Tropical Sno came in handy.
Plus we had a fun night in the hotel without any children :)

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