Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First Big Event for September

Our big family project for September was mom's 80th birthday. The first thing I did, about the 1st of September, was go on Face book and send out messages to all of her "friends" asking them if they would like to send her a birthday card. If so...just write "Birthday" on the outside of the envelope and then I would know to save it for her birthday. That project worked great...she got tons of cards. I put them in a cute gift bag and then gave it to her on her birthday.

I have lots of pictures from the party...I will try to collage some of them. The girls all helped with decorations, cake, food, and photos. Annie came up with the idea of a "cow/western" theme- for which she made a really cute black and white cow cake.

I made some red western table cloths, we served cake and ice cream on red paisley paper plates in silver foil pie tins, red napkins, mason jar drinks, rock candy, etc. I gathered up some old photos of mom and Audrey made a photo collage poster and hung some cute photos of great grand kids on the wall. We had black and white cow balloons and other western decor.

Cutest little cow at the party!

The girls sang some songs...including
"Home on the Range"

Eli conducted the singing of "Happy Birthday".

It was the best birthday party, we ever hosted :) As you can see from the pictures, mom was still smiling, but it was too bad that she wasn't feeling very well. It was especially fun to she her SURPRISE as everyone arrived. Gary and Quin arrived during the night on Thursday...so they were here at the house on Friday morning. They stayed with mom, during the day on Friday, so that I could go to San Antonio and pick up Ashley, Alison, and Evelyn. We stopped to do some last minute grocery shopping on the way back out. Late Friday evening, Doug arrived. He drove his truck from Denver (took a couple of long days). Also, late Friday night Sam went to the airport to pick up Annie. She stayed at their house and they all came out on Saturday morning...with the cakes that Annie made and the decorations that Audrey worked on. Mom had no idea that everyone was coming. After all of our Saturday afternoon festivities and dinner on Saturday night...mom was in her bedroom and she had been talking about her leg hurting for a couple of days...when I took her stocking off and looked at her leg, I knew that it was infected. Gary, Quin, and I took her to the ER in Boerne. Spent all evening there...about midnight they took her by ambulance to Methodist hospital in San Antonio. (She also had a blood clot in her lung). Both of those things were the result of her immobility and weakness from the chemo treatments. We didn't realize how bad, sitting in the chair all day and then also sleeping in the chair all night, could be, until it was too late. 

On Sunday evening, we celebrated 2 more birthdays. Doug and Annie, with chocolate cake!

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