Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Master Bedroom Decor

Earlier in the year I had ordered blinds for most of the windows upstairs and a few of the windows downstairs. I finally got to the windows and the glass door in our bedroom. I had actually ordered the blinds in September, but somehow, UPS lost the big pleated blinds for the door. I don't know how they could loose something that big and custom made...but they did. Which meant reordering...which also turned into a problem. But...they finally arrived. I love them. Gray pleated blinds and paisley sheer drapes. (The photos don't turn out very good with the light coming in through the windows- the colors actually look better than the photos.)

The color for the drapes, the bedspread, and my dresser runner is a (light) terra cotta- combined with the gray works well... not too feminine for a master bedroom. Remember my bathroom tile is also gray with terra cotta, cream, brown, lt. gold etc. I also bought three gray rugs- two for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. I have some fabric to quilt for a rocking chair cover and pillows. Those colors are black, gray, teal, cream, terra cotta. Not sure when I will get to that project ;)

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