Tuesday, December 30, 2014

October 2014

On September 27, mom moved from Methodist hospital to the Bandera Rehabilitation and Care Center. She was on a blood thinner, still had an infection in her leg and other open wounds from sitting and not being able to walk. The chemo had zapped her strength to the point where she was bed ridden. She did one more round of Chemo on October 14. (Early in November, she made a difficult decision to stop the chemo treatments. She would spend the last two weeks of October, then all of November and December resting and regaining her mobility.)
Ron's recovery took longer than he expected. During October, November, and December our life was interspersed between doctor appointments. Some appointments to follow up on his knee surgery and other appointments...because...they were free - lol. (Since we paid our high deductible and all of our out of pocket expense on Ron's surgery- all medical items were covered for the rest of the year.) Our appointments included, eye exams, allergy tests, cataract surgery, dermatologist, primary care doctor, blood tests, and ultrasounds.
The highlight of October was a visit from the Andersons to the Care Center, the day after Halloween. They showed up dressed as Mary Poppins, Burt, and two very cute little penguins. They sang songs and passed out candy to the residents of the Care Center.

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