Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Second Big Event of September

The same week that mom was in Methodist hospital, Ron was in North Central Baptist Hospital on the north side of San Antonio having total knee replacement surgery. Wednesday, September 24.(This post will be  much shorter than mom's birthday event, because I have no pictures of Ron's surgery :) I took pictures of the "waiting area", where I spent all morning. Then I got two pictures of his room, before he got there. That's it... no other pictures...of which, he is probably glad.

They rolled him in on a hospital bed, near the right side of the room. This hospital was a really nice place compared to Methodist, where mom was. Gary, Quin, and Doug went to see her, so that I could stay with Ron. Gary and Quin left on Monday afternoon. Doug stayed until Thursday. Ron's surgery was early on Wednesday morning. 
We had tickets to a "Piano Guys" concert in SA on Tuesday evening. 

We went to that and then stayed at a motel near the hospital. 
The doctor was Dr. Jacobs of The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. Ron's surgery went well. In fact the first day he was on so much pain killer...he felt really good. By Friday...not so great. I took him home on Friday night. It was storming really bad in San Antonio, traffic was bad getting out of town. I decided to go out through Boerne- slow traffic all the way. Then we stopped at Walgreen's to get meds...LONG wait there. Then more driving in heavy rain. FINALLY made it home late. 
Ron scheduled this surgery for the end of September, so that he would be mostly recovered by Thanksgiving, for our family gathering in CA. Good plan :) 
He was very diligent about doing his in home exercises. For the first week or so, I was the the "pill dispenser" and the "ice machine". He also had "in home care" from Peterson Hospital for a couple of weeks. 

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