Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Something Happened....

I haven't been here blogging for the past 6 months. My last post was mid May and now it's Christmas. I haven't decided if life is moving slower and I can't get everything done or what?! Ron claims that I am just doing lots of "different" stuff. I made a comment to him today, that I don't even have little kids to plan for, clean up after, and chase around...and I still didn't get my Christmas cards out before Christmas. I have decided that will be my Christmas day project ;) Anyway...during the next few days, I will also be playing "catch up" again on my blog. The title of each post will be the date of the activity. I want to get this up to date, so that I can print my 2014 blog book. I love having those! Then my number one New Years resolution is to be blogging again on a consistant basis. That is much easier that diet and fitness. haha Although I need to have those resolutions too.
So here goes...zipping through the past 6 months, in Bandera, Texas.

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