Sunday, December 28, 2014

Summer Swimming Fun

We put our big house and our swimming pool to good use over the summer. The Pete's stayed long enough to overlap with the Simms for a couple of days. All of the summer excitement lasted until Aug. 15th. I had to establish a few "pool rules" just to maintain my sanity about wet dripping suits, towels, pool toys, and applying sunscreen. Instead of coming in and out of any door and leaving "wet stuff" everywhere to collect later- the plan was to undress in the laundry room (swim suits would be hanging there), grab a towel, pool toys and sunscreen in the exercise room- then head out through the breeze way. Stopping at the bathroom, in the shop, if needed :)  Then coming back in was the reverse process. Generally worked pretty well- at least saved me from hunting all over upstairs for suits and towels. Some times we had "naked boy alert" though, when hunting for dry clothes, instead of leaving some in the laundry room :) I didn't include pictures of that- hehe

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