Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thursday June 19

After we got back from the wedding, Alison stayed until Thursday, June 12. So she got a few days with us and Sam and Audrey. On Thursday, June 19, Ron and I drove to Katy. Three men from our ward there, came and helped Ron take down all of the fixtures, racks, mirrors, and outdoor sign. Dary helped me box up most of the rest of inventory items. We cleaned and then planned to come back another day in July to actually "load and move". Earlier, I had taken many pictures of all of the furniture and fixtures that were for sale. I included a few of those pictures here, just to help me remember how the store was arranged. Luckily there was another store opening up there in Katy and they purchased most of my items on a package deal. I didn't get pictures of dismantling the inside of the store, but we were very grateful for the help that arrived.

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