Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas with the Andersons

We celebrated Christmas with the Andersons the Sunday evening before Christmas. We went and got mom and had her here for dinner and activities too. (the elders also came for dinner that day). Since our family was together for Thanksgiving, all of the kids had plans to just stay home for Christmas or to travel to be with in-laws for Christmas. Audrey and Sam had plans to fly to St. George for Christmas. So...Sunday evening was the best option to have Christmas with them. We had dinner, then the boys opened up gifts, then we did our traditional "Thompson Christmas devotional". My physical Christmas shopping this year was only for Eli, Noah, and mom. My online Christmas shopping was for Eli, Noah, and the Simms kids. The Christiansens, the Petes, and the Thompsons all got a cash deposit toward gifts. Amazon...tempted me with suggestions of "you might also like these items" and I bought more for Eli and Noah than planned :) With only 3 or 4 items to "make your parents crazy" :)- like an airplane that talks when you shake it and shoes the light up when you jump. My tree looked pretty good for a few days, with gifts under it :)

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