Friday, January 23, 2015

Empty Space

I'm not sure exactly how to explain it...but "empty space" is important to me. Maybe something to do with my type 2/4 personality :) Cluttered space makes me crazy. I even tried putting two more chairs in our bedroom, which wasn't clutter, but I realized that I NEEDED the empty space, so the chairs went upstairs. My snowmen decorations are alreay stacked on the dining room table waiting for boxes. Even with just the Christmas decorations, I needed things to be put away and everything dusted, with again, empty space. I will take a little break, and then get out a few Valentines items. So today is my day to get a few of those things done. I had a tough week of driving, this week. On Monday, I had to go to San Antonio with Ron- Tuesday I went to Boerne in the morning, then in the afternoon, back to San Antonio, this time with mom. On Wednesday evening, I needed to go to Kerrville. Yesterday TWO trips to Boerne. am not going out of the house. In fact yesterday would have been a perfect stay home, curl-up-on-the-sofa-rainy-day, but instead I was out driving around, going to the doctor, getting groceries, and getting cold and wet. Mom always tells me to rest, but I've got things to do! Just not driving anywhere :) and trying to make....empty space- lol. My sewing room and my office need serious attention.

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