Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inside Snowmen

The only snowmen at our house, are inside. That is why we retired in Texas. No more snow outside. It has been cold here for a while and we did get a small amount of freezing rain yesterday... but no snow. One of my friends was sad to put away all of her Christmas decorations. I realized that I have a way of keeping some of the Christmas decorations out for January. For Christmas I put out all of the winter and Santa Claus and nativity decorations. After Christmas, I put away the Santa Claus and nativity items and keep the snowmen items out. When we lived In Oklahoma, that worked perfect, because may times in January there would be lots of snow. When we lived in Katy, I sometimes had a hard time leaving those decorations out, because January was sunny. Here, it's cold...not much sun...but no snow.

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