Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Saturday November 29

Saturday, the 29th, was another driving day for me and the Petes and the Christiansens. We left Oceanside about 11:30. Micah wanted to stop at an airplane museum, not too far out from Oceanside. It was a fun stop for the kids.

We were trying to get back to St. George for the night...but didn't make it that far. We stayed in alittle town just west of St. George. We made it to sacrament meeting on Sunday morning...but it was not a pretty sight ;) The Christiansens stayed for the rest of church. Ash and I drove on...but as it turned out...there was a bad accident on the highway between there and St. George...took us 3 hours. By the time the Christiansens were driving...the accident was gone but traffic was still backed up and slow. We finally made it back to American Fork...us about 8 and Christiansens about 11. Ash and the kids decided to spend the night there...it looked like snow between American Fork and Smithfield and the kids were "so done" being in the car :) That worked out well, because Ashley took me to the airport on Monday, on her way home. (only bad thing was the kids missed another day of school). My flight from SLC to Dallas was delayed...but so was the flight from Dallas to SAT. I finally arrived after 10 and Ron was there to pick me up. It was a great week...but pretty glad to be home ;)
(Ron and Sam and the boys flew from San Diego to San Antonio on Saturday. Audrey flew from LA to San Antonio on Saturday)

Two pretty girls back in American Fork.

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