Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Our big family event for November was for all of us to gather in Oceanside, CA. for the week of Thanksgiving. Daniel was the only family member who could not attend. Since Ashley was coming with the kids alone, I flew out to SLC and then drove with her and the kids in their car. The Christiansens also drove with us. I flew out on Thursday, November 20th. That morning, mom had an appointment with Dr. Lin in San Antonio. Ron went with us and took me to the airport after mom's appointment. I arrived in SLC that evening...stayed at Alison's house. They had purchased a new mini van to drive. They had lots to do that week to get the car ready to go and get packed up. Ashley, also, had a busy week getting everything packed and ready, without Daniel. (He was working in Australia.) Ashley had games, food, and movies already for the kids in the car- it was amazing what she had prepared for the car travel. We finally all left American Fork about 5 pm on Friday. We stayed in St. George that night. We drove on to Oceanside on Saturday. Audrey had been on a business trip in China...she flew into LAX on Saturday and Mike and Carrie picked her up there, on their way from Radondo Beach to Oceanside.  Ron flew out with Sam and the boys from San Antonio. The Simms drove from Santa Barbara to Oceanside on Saturday. We had 5- 2 bedroom deluxe rooms at the Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort.

Since we arrived at different times on Saturday. The Thompsons and the Andersons went out for dinner together. Us, the Petes, the Christiansens, and the Simms went for dinner after we all arrived. We went to a Pizza restaurant, right there near the resort. 

On Monday, all of us went to Legoland. 
(Some of us went back again, a second day, later in the week) 

What a fun place for the kids. Since it was Thanksgiving week, it was rather crowded, but we got the most we could out of it. The second day, most of the younger kids stayed at the resort...letting the older kids enjoy more rides. 

(I decided to break up the Thanksgiving trip into smaller posts, instead of one giant more to follow.)

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