Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner (November 27)

Early in the week we gave out assignments for food for Thanksgiving dinner. I was doing the turkey, gravy, stuffing, and a pie. Carrie did a sweet potatoe casserole. Annie did green beans, chicken drumsticks, and a pie. Sam did mashed potatoes and rolls. Alison did green beans. Ashley did a salad and a pie. (I know I am missing some things- I will come back and edit this later) We rearranged furniture and managed to get places for all of us to sit in ONE room. It was great having all of the food assignments and just having all of the food show up at dinner time. It wasn't too  much cooking for anyone. We didn't get very many pics though, at dinner. Here are the kids waiting for dinner- sitting on the bed watching TV. Then one picture of the "kids table".

What an amazing thing it was to have everyone there together.

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