Saturday, January 3, 2015

Visit with Merkleys (November 24)

The Sunday that we were in CA, we all went to church together. A "lucky" ward there got all 26 of us. (hehe) All during the week we tried to get as many photos as we could. We ended up with some good family photos is use for Christmas cards and such. Here is a picture that we took on Sunday of the Petes.

On Monday evening, the Merkleys came to the resort to have dinner with Ron and me. Then about 
6 pm, we all gathered in a lounge room there at the resort- kind of a FHE, together. The Merkleys got to meet all of the kids and grandkids. We shared missionary stories, had dessert, and took a few pictures. It was great to see them. We had never seen Sister (Graham) Merkley since the mission. We are very grateful for Sister Merkley and Sister Savage, for bringing the gospel to our family. 

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