Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy February Birthdays

On Valentines day, Sam brought the boys to our house. Ron took them to Subway for lunch while I had the "ladies lunch" at the house. The boys spent the night and went to church with us on Sunday. Sam and Audrey got to enjoy an actual "date" on Saturday evening. Sunday evening Sam, Audrey, mom, and the elders came for dinner. It was also an UNexciting birthday party for Ron and Audrey :) I didn't get very good pics. either :(

Let Go...My Lego...Valentines

I found a cute idea, on Pinterest, for Valentines for the grand kids, that I couldn't resist. With all of those boys that love Legos, I thought it was perfect. Not that any of them need any more Legos ;)
They each got a lego heart, a Valentine card, and Hersheys heart Valentine. (The little heart valentines are what we gave out to the primary kids at church. I just made extras for the grandkids too.) I didn't get my "inspiration" for the idea and then my "perspiration" for getting them done in time for them to arrive on Valentines day, but they arrived at each destination this week. Alison said, "That didn't matter, the kids LOVE getting packages no matter what day it is." I also posted "a bunch" of Lego ideas on the cousins blog.

 Here are a few of my Valentine decorations.

On Valentines Day, I invited some ladies from church, who live here in Bandera to come to lunch.
It was a good time to get to know each other better and also accomplish some visiting teaching. 
Ron gave me a great Valentine gift- no candy, or bouquet, or card- but a weeded and mulched flower bed and some out door flowers. (Deer food- lol) Best Valentine gift ever.

These were the Valentines for the ladies from church.

My HaPpY Purchase This Month

Sometimes, it takes very little to make me happy. Like finding these two rugs for my bathroom, that I love. The good thing about having a very neutral home decor, is that it lets me add whatever other colors I desire. Then when I get tired of those, I can get something else. is my HaPpY purchase for February.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Often, Ron and mom both ask me, "What did you do today?" Usually, I have to reply, "I did stuff." :)
My life seems to bounce around like a pin ball machine. Maybe that is why I am feeling like I never really accomplish anything- ha. Here are a few of the items on my "stuff list"- The Silver Hanger, Primary, Honey&Lace, Class Reunion, Mom's stuff, Ron's stuff, House Cleaning/Laundry, Yard Work, Exercise, Visiting Teaching, The Storage Room, Sewing Projects, Cooking/Grocery Shopping...and I just added a new item called Thrive Foods (as if I needed anything else- hehe). Usually what determines my schedule for any given day is whatever item has percolated to the top of the list and is in need of immediate attention. I am still trying to figure out exactly what happened here :) At least no bonbons and TV for me. Besides, chocolate is no longer in my diet!