Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patricks Day.

 A dab of green inside the house. 

But my real accomplishment for today was a dab of green outside the house. Weeds...that is :)

I didn't get a huge amount done, but I stayed out there long enough to get my gloves wet, my shoes muddy, and get ant bites on my ankles ;) 

The reason I didn't get more done today, was because mom and I spent all morning, trying to go to an appointment for a CT scan. Only to arrive there and find out that the insurance had not given an authorization for the procedure. They have only had since the end of January to get that done. It's complicated! And there were many other assorted problems, including them having the wrong phone number for mom. (They claimed that they left messages telling us to reschedule the appointment. Those weren't on mom's phone, but I guess, on someone else's phone).
Now we are trying to get that authorized and rescheduled for this week, so we can keep the appointment for next week with the cancer doctor. (He needs to see the results of the CT scan)
Last week she had a brain MRI done and an appointment with the radiation doctor. The three previous spots were gone, but there was a new, small spot. We decided to just "watch" that and come back for another MRI in May. 
We have ladies from a company called "Home In Stead" coming in 4 days a week to help here at home. Even though mom is moving about better than when she was in the care center- it is nice to have help with her laundry, her bedroom/bathroom, some of her food prep, bathing, getting dressed and exercise. She has a new lift chair and an all electric bed. I also ordered a second wheel chair, that has not arrived yet. That way we can have a chair inside the house and also one that stays in the car. (Right now the wheels on the one chair have to be cleaned before coming back into the house- especially on the carpet in her bedroom.) Mom has mostly been using her walker when we have gone to appointments- the only "hazard" with that is when she sits down in a regular chair and then can't get back up ;) I think she is glad to be back home, though. I know that the food is better here- lol.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eli is FOUR

Sunday evening, we had a little birthday party for Eli. Nothing very exciting, but at least a few balloons and cake and presents. He was sooo funny...when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he said, "strawberry with icing and sprinkles." I though, okay, I can do that. Not exactly the flavor I was expecting. Then for Saturday and Sunday, he kept talking about "strawberry cake" for his birthday. As it turned out he was disappointed in the pink cake. I guess he only wanted a "pretend" strawberry cake and not the "real" thing. Go figure! :)

I thought I did pretty good on this strawberry cake, with icing, and sprinkles, and monsters.
But I guess not...

He got away with having a cup of yogurt for dinner and ice cream for dessert- hehe