Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Season for Everything

It's that time again here...the hummingbirds are back, I have a few flowers in pots (just waiting for the deer to prune them off), and the Spring grass and trees are blooming. We have a few random wild flowers popping up. I have one flower bed, where we are trying to decide if the small green plants are weeds or flowers. Ron thinks they are sun flowers and I think they are weeds :) (We did have some sun flowers there last year that went to seed. I decided that if the deer eat them soon, they are flowers...if not, they are weeds).

Flowers or Weeds???

As for me...well I am in a strange season of life. For thirty-some years we went in high gear to keep up with 5 kids and all of their activities. Then for a few more years, I spent almost every day at The Silver Hanger. Yah of those run-your-own-business-things, that consumes you 24/7 :) Since moving here, I have had to adjust to a much slower pace. Ron seems fine with that, in fact he worked super hard all those years and deserves a break. Up until the past couple of years, I never took anytime for myself to exercise and stay fit. That is one of the new things that is happening. Actually, I realized that part of my adjustment was overcoming a feeling of being selfish when spending some time on myself. I have been telling Ron that my 2.5 mile walks are my AA- Attitude Adjustment :)  I have had several little "hints" over the past few months that NOW is my time to get myself physically and spiritually fit. I changed my diet and started walking again. Ron and I are reading Isaiah together and I am reading the New Testament. Another adjustment for me is not having a very fixed schedule. I seem to bounce around from one thing to the next, with whatever seems to percolate to the top of the priority list. Sometimes it's mom's stuff, sometimes Ron's stuff, sometimes other stuff, and sometimes my stuff. (And of course housekeeping sifted in everywhere.) I have learned how to shop on the Internet and let UPS use their gas to deliver. I have learned how to grocery shop once a week and make less trips to town. Don't get me wrong, I can still claim that "Life is Good"...just different than what I was used to.  Just a new season... and probably the calm before the storm. (A storm is coming, we just don't know exactly when and what kind it will be.)
But for's Spring time in Texas :) 

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