Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wild Flowers

 Last fall we went to a place called "Wildseed Farm", near Fredericksburg. Ron bought a 100 pound bag of wild flower seeds. (We won't mention how expensive that was- lol) But...even though we didn't expect much to come of those...especially since the deer seem to eat everything...we have some wild flowers POPPING up around the house. There are still plenty of weeds and thistles too, but it is fun to see little specks of color here and there. Some of them are Blue Bonnets. Others are yellow, orange, white, and red. We also have some Four OClocks coming up again. Some Petunias have come back and some Sun Flowers are coming back. Ron spent all day yesterday weeding the large flower bed in the front, being careful to leave what looked like flowers and only pull weeds. Then he also spread mulch throughout. One of our neighbors has lots of Spanish Lavender plants. We need to get some of those- one of the few things that deer won't eat. For the past couple of weeks everything here has been covered with YELLOW oak pollen. Since we got rain here on Thursday night, that helped to wash some of that away. It was so bad, that things looked like yellow tempra paint had been dumped on everything. Here are some photos that I took tonight...including a few of  "Ron's Cat" :)

My SnapDragons have come back after being completely pruned off by the deer.

Four OClocks coming back from last year.

These were my Valentines gift.

We think these are all Sun Flowers.

Even some of the Petunias that I thought were dead, have come back.

Look really, really close, tiny specks of color.

Lots of these, that are probably a "blooming weed" :)

Ron's (spoiled) Cat :)

Any day now, I expect the deer to come and prune everything off, but for now things are BLOOMING.

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