Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Awhile back I posted some pictures on FB, asking, "Are these weeds or flowers?". Lots of small plants had sprouted in front of the garage. Almost everyone that saw those pictures on FB, said they were weeds. We decided to let them stay, just in case they were flowers. Even up until a couple of weeks I ago, I was still thinking, "Man we have a giant patch of weeds!" Then, they began to bloom and there are still lots of blooms, yet, to open up. (Some of them have stalks that are more than an inch around and they are super tall.) I don't know why it takes such a BIG plant to produce a SMALL flower :) But at least, now we know ... they are sunflowers.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Weekend

Here are a few more weekend pics. The weekend wasn't totally rain and flooding :) 

This was my Mothers Day gift, that Eli picked out.
Somehow he didn't think it was fun, when I was shooting him:)

Flooded IN

This whole concept of getting flooded IN, is new for us. We know some people that have lived in the Medina area their whole life. There is a low water crossing on their driveway, so there are times when they are flooded IN, too. She says when that happens, you just sit on the porch and watch the world go by. We were very fortunate that we continued to have power all weekend. We have other friends out north of town that had the power go out on Saturday afternoon and it stayed out until some time on Sunday afternoon. The Andersons and the Fishers just left this morning- as it was starting to rain again. They wanted to make a run for it-- in case the roads closed again. There is still water on Wharton's Dock road, but it is passible. I learned a few valuable things this weekend. Like...I need to organize my spare bedding better, keep a better supply of fresh batteries on hand, always keep prepared food in the freezer to serve on short notice, and my stash of new toothbrushes and small bathroom items really was handy. Oh..and keep a supply of diapers in all sizes.
Most of the time we really don't need all of this house, but when we is nice! I am almost done cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, and mopping. Tomorrow...make all of the beds again ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere

What a strange weekend this has been. Audrey, Sam, and the boys came out on Thursday evening. Since Ron has his temple assignment on Friday and mom had a doctor appointment in SA- the Andersons went to Fredericksburg. They had a great time there, including the Crawfish Festival. Fishers came out day of playing and watching it rain. All afternoon and evening RAINING off and on, every few minutes. We got over 7 inches of rain. By evening, most of the roads were flooded and all of the creeks and rivers were OVER flowing. There were many people visiting here in BGR yesterday, that ended up stranded IN. Some of our future neighbors (they own a lot near us) had to come and spend the night with us, because they couldn't get out to go to their motel. We couldn't go to church today, because of closed roads. By time we have tomorrow- which will seem like a Saturday...we will have had a 3-Saturday-weekend :) Luckily my house was clean and we have lots of food!

On Thursday, Brother Brown called me and asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting, for today. I explained that there was 1 wild card- the rain and possible closed roads ;) I prepared my talk and I even started printing it in a word doc, so that I could email it to him if I needed to. Unfortunately, our internet connection also went out, as well as the roads being closed. When I called to talk to him last night, he said the other 2 speakers had also canceled on him :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

High Water

When we bought our property in Bridle Gate Ranch, Ron specifically chose a river lot. At the time there was a small river behind our property. Soon after that, and for the past few years, there has been little or no water there. That has been a great disappointment for him. In the past few weeks, we have gotten some really good rain storms. Sometimes getting 2-3 inches at a time. We now have the river back. But...there are also times when all 3 roads coming in and out of BGR are closed at low water crossings. The first time that happened was last Wednesday evening. Ron and I had gone into town about noon...and realized that 2 of the 3 roads were closed. We briefly saw a couple of people, had lunch and came home. Soon after that, the third road closed. Then on Sunday morning...Ron went to church early, at 7:30am. He got out, driving through a small amount of water. When I tried to go out at 8:45, all three roads were closed. I couldn't get out and the caregiver from Home Instead couldn't get in. Later, about noon, two of the roads opened up, allowing Ron to get back in. Then, in the evening, the elders and the Andersons came for dinner. English Crossing is still closed and will probably be closed for a while. It is now, Wednesday, May 20, and we are expecting more rain today and through the weekend. The rain and the river is great. The closed roads are not :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trip to Mexico

As kind of a last minute deal, we decided to go to Mexico with Alison and Micah. (We thought maybe Sam and Audrey were going too, but they didn't want to go without the boys and had no passports for them). Part of the reason for the trip was because Micah had a business trip there, so they only needed to pay for Alison to get there too. Plus they were celebrating a trip without the kids and Micah finishing his PE test and lots of hard work the past few months. Ron and I were celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary. (and the chance to spend some time with Al and Micah- hope they didn't mind us tagging along :) I know when I print my blog it will put all of the text together and then all of the photos, so I might as well just do it that way- instead of adding captions or explanations of the pics ;)
On Monday, May 4, Al and Miach flew from SLC to LA to PVR and we flew from SAT to IAH to PVR. The traffic was heavy for us to get to the airport by 7:30am, but at least it was moving and no delays. Both of our flights were good and on time. It took us a little while to wait for Al and Micah to arrive and then get through the PVR airport. I had already arranged transportation to the Grand Mayan, through the resort. We didn't get through the "timeshare vultures" unscathed though :) (We went to a presentation at Garza Blanca on Tuesday.) Monday evening we had dinner at an outdoor cafe at the resort. The presentation on Tuesday included transportation, breakfast, some discount tickets, more transportation to Wal Mart and cash to spend there. Garza Blanca is a very "elite" resort- we didn't make it through the whole we didn't even get the price. haha We did get our ride to WalMart and shopping there- then went back to the Grand Mayan and fixed dinner. (Ron, Alison, and Micah tried out the beach for short time that day). On Wednesday we went to the beach and pools at the resort. In the evening we went to "Rhythms of the Night". A boat ride, dinner, and a show at an outdoor theater. The weather was perfect. Dinner was better than I expected for 150+ people. There were several different areas- our specific table was on a terrance and our buffet served about 30. The show was interesting...very different than anything I have seen before. Thursday was beach and pools again, then shopping and dinner in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Dinner was at a good Mexican restaurant- PiPis. Friday was another boat ride, snorkeling, hiking, and visiting a small fishing village. Only problem was Alison, Micah, and I were all feeling SICK on the boat :( Saturday was sleep in, then pack up and get to the airport. Again our flights were good and on time- PVR to IAH to SAT. Got home about 10:30 pm. Al also made it home late that night. Micah rented a car and drove to where his business meetings were, for the next week. The resort we stayed at was The Grand Mayan, Nuevo Vallarta. Great place- great trip. (Mom got some extra care at home while we were gone. Ladies from Home Instead came in twice a day.)

The Grand Mayan, Nuevo Vallarta, 2015