Wednesday, May 20, 2015

High Water

When we bought our property in Bridle Gate Ranch, Ron specifically chose a river lot. At the time there was a small river behind our property. Soon after that, and for the past few years, there has been little or no water there. That has been a great disappointment for him. In the past few weeks, we have gotten some really good rain storms. Sometimes getting 2-3 inches at a time. We now have the river back. But...there are also times when all 3 roads coming in and out of BGR are closed at low water crossings. The first time that happened was last Wednesday evening. Ron and I had gone into town about noon...and realized that 2 of the 3 roads were closed. We briefly saw a couple of people, had lunch and came home. Soon after that, the third road closed. Then on Sunday morning...Ron went to church early, at 7:30am. He got out, driving through a small amount of water. When I tried to go out at 8:45, all three roads were closed. I couldn't get out and the caregiver from Home Instead couldn't get in. Later, about noon, two of the roads opened up, allowing Ron to get back in. Then, in the evening, the elders and the Andersons came for dinner. English Crossing is still closed and will probably be closed for a while. It is now, Wednesday, May 20, and we are expecting more rain today and through the weekend. The rain and the river is great. The closed roads are not :)

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