Sunday, May 24, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere

What a strange weekend this has been. Audrey, Sam, and the boys came out on Thursday evening. Since Ron has his temple assignment on Friday and mom had a doctor appointment in SA- the Andersons went to Fredericksburg. They had a great time there, including the Crawfish Festival. Fishers came out day of playing and watching it rain. All afternoon and evening RAINING off and on, every few minutes. We got over 7 inches of rain. By evening, most of the roads were flooded and all of the creeks and rivers were OVER flowing. There were many people visiting here in BGR yesterday, that ended up stranded IN. Some of our future neighbors (they own a lot near us) had to come and spend the night with us, because they couldn't get out to go to their motel. We couldn't go to church today, because of closed roads. By time we have tomorrow- which will seem like a Saturday...we will have had a 3-Saturday-weekend :) Luckily my house was clean and we have lots of food!

On Thursday, Brother Brown called me and asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting, for today. I explained that there was 1 wild card- the rain and possible closed roads ;) I prepared my talk and I even started printing it in a word doc, so that I could email it to him if I needed to. Unfortunately, our internet connection also went out, as well as the roads being closed. When I called to talk to him last night, he said the other 2 speakers had also canceled on him :)

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