Monday, June 29, 2015

Redondo Beach Weekend

We were scheduled to fly from San Antonio to LA on Friday, May 29. With our track record of getting flooded IN (during the past few weeks) and having a huge rain storm about midnight on Thursday- we decided to load up the car and head for the Anderson house. It was raining so hard, just before midnight that it made driving difficult, because it was so hard to see the road. We were both somewhat relieved when we made it past the low water crossing on Wharton's Dock Road. We still drove through heavy rain all the way to San Antonio, but at least we knew that we were OUT of Bridlegate. After a short night's sleep we parked the car at the Red Roof Inn and headed for the airport. Our flight arrived about an hour late- Mike came and picked us up in LA. Nicholas' baptism was at 11 am on Saturday. A fun day with the Thompsons and the Simms. The Simms just spent Saturday there and headed home in the evening. We stayed for a couple more days. We enjoyed going to church with Mike and Carrie on Sunday- especially enjoyed attending Mike's Sunday school class- he is a great teacher.

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