Monday, July 27, 2015

Next Stop- American Fork

Look who was waiting for us in American Fork...after arriving almost a day late. Alison had extra kid duty since our train schedule was rather late :) We spent one night there- went out for lunch on Saturday and then headed for Smithfield.

Friday, July 24, 2015

June 8-11 in Granby, CO

On Monday morning we got up kind of early. Got packed up, had breakfast, and headed out about 10:30 am. We drove through Estes Park and the National Park. There was some snow and slush along Trail Ridge Road. It had just opened up a few days earlier. We finally got to Granby about 2:30. Ron was driving and he was in a "slow-sight-seeing-mode". After lunch at a Subway, we checked into the Mountainside at Silver Creek. Nice living room for us to "camp out" in for a few days. We also went grocery shopping and bought food for three days. Good break from eating out. On Tuesday, we went back to a visitors center in the National Park. Watched a movie called "Spirit of the Mountain". We went for a short hike and drove through downtown Grand Lake. On Wednesday we rode the ski/bike lift up the mountain and then hiked back down on a bike trail. We spent the rest of our time there eating and watching movies :) Got up early on Thursday, but instead of getting on the train at 10 am, we got on it at midnight. Long, long day of WAITING- part of that without a car and sitting at an uncomfortable, small, train depot. The train was riddled with all sorts of problems from Chicago, to Denver, to Granby. Even after we got on the train, at midnight- we only went a short distance and then another 5 hour delay. But at least, at that point we were sitting on the train instead of in the depot. The good thing about our new schedule was we got to see the mountains between Granby and Provo in the day light. We finally made it to Provo on Friday evening. The "Pete car" was there waiting for us. Here are pictures of our trip to Granby and our activities there.

This was my favorite photo.