Monday, July 13, 2015

40 Years Later

On Friday, June 5, we got up early and went to Annie's for breakfast. That way we got to see the boys before they left for school. Annie took us to the airport. (The airport there in Santa Barbara has changed since we first started going there. It is turning out to be a very nice, LITTLE airport now.) Our flight to Phoenix was just a bit late, which meant we had a short connection time in Phoenix. Ron went to the restroom, I purchased sandwiches, and we got on the next plane. Even though it was stormy in Denver, the flight was okay. We found our rental car from the rental agency in Granby (that is another story- but that lady brought a car to Denver for us to use.) We drove through some rain on the way to Loveland. The reason for our visit to Colorado on June 6 and 7 was for my 40 year class reunion. But, we also spent some time with Don and Deb, went to a Color Vibe event, went to Grandpa Bob's ranch, and had a short visit in Fort Collins with Justin, Stephanie, their kids, Gary, and Quin. It was a full weekend :) I will do some various posts on each activity. Starting with my class reunion. Saturday morning was a Berthoud Days parade and lunch at A&W. Saturday evening was dinner and activities at the Best Western Crossroads Inn. Sunday was potluck picnic in the Berthoud park. We are not doing too bad for 40 years later- hehe.

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