Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ron's New Toys

Here is Ron with his new "Mule" and "Mower". We stopped near Bandera and bought a trailer, then headed to New Braunfels to buy the Mule. We bought the mower from one of the neighbors.

July 2015

The month of July was pretty much just us and the animals, around here- lol. Okay maybe a few doctor appointments for mom. A little bit of service helping people move.  A couple of lunch dates with friends. Oh...yeah...and I started my new calling as the Primary could I forget that? lol. I did three out of the four Sunday Sharing Times. Got some new teachers started. Did some bulletin boards. Made an attempt to clean out the primary closet. There was one Sunday when I was the only member of the presidency that was there. Only a little CrAzY that day. Summer vacations are hard on a primary program. When I wasn't working on primary stuff, I was taking pics of animals.
Lots of turkeys at our house.

Arrggh...No More Pictures

Here are a few family group shots while Annie and her kids were here. I had to include these for posterity purposes :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last Few Days of June

On Friday, June 26, Ron did his temple shift and then he met Annie and the kids at the Rodeo. On Saturday, we went in to Bandera and experienced the "Bandera River Fest". There were a couple of fun things for the little kids. Savie and Weston got new cowboy hats. We bought a few barbecued ribs for lunch. It was pretty hot to be outside. On Monday, June 29, Annie had to take Savannah to the doctor office, because she had an ear infection. Then they went to SA to pick Alex up from the airport. During the time that they were here, almost every day was swim-time-in-the- pool. By the time we went to Sonic on Monday evening for half price shakes, everyone was tired. The Simms left on Tuesday to drive to Oklahoma.

Savie the Model

Kerrville Splash Pad

On Thursday evening, Annie and I took the kids to Kerrville. We packed a picnic dinner and headed for the park and splash pad. It was a great evening of water and playing.