Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last Stop- Smithfield

So...the main reason for our last week of travel from Denver to Utah, was so that we could stay with the Pete kids, while Ashley and Daniel go ColorVibe. They left the kids with Alison and left their car in American Fork on Thursday. We were supposed to arrive late Thursday night, but finally made it in on Friday evening. On Saturday, we loaded up the kids and drove to Smithfield. Saturday evening the kids did a little playing out at the splash pad and play ground behind their apartment. On Sunday we all went to church. Ashley and Daniel arrived back on Monday afternoon. We all went bowling and out to dinner on Monday evening. Tuesday, was head-back-to-Texas-day. Our flight went from SLC to Phoenix. Where Ron got off the plane and got in the suburban with Annie and the kids. I flew to San Antonio- only to find a dead car at the parking lot. Took a few hours to get it jump started and running. I finally made it home late Tuesday night. Here are pics. from Smithfield.

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