Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just a Pic

Okay...maybe not "just" a pic...but a beautiful temple photo. Micah and Alison gave us this. Al wanted to get a mat and frame while she was here, but the logistics of where we live (away from convenient places, like Michaels and Hobby Lobby) made that impossible. We found a frame that I had in the attic, that needed a new piece of glass in it. I bought a mat in a craft store in Kerrville- from the "scrap bin"- cheap. Then bought a piece of glass at Michaels. I thought Al might like to see how it turned out. Here is the finished product- beautiful :)


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Triathlon Cooking Day

Last Saturday, while Mike and Carrie were doing a real triathlon in CA- I was doing a "triathlon" cooking day. I didn't expect it to take me all day in the kitchen, but it did. Maybe it was more of a "cooking marathon". By the time I was done, I had...a chicken/cauliflower/macncheese casserole, stuffed zucchini boats, a pecan pie, a three layer birthday cake, 5 jars of applesauce, and a roast ready to go in the crock pot for Sunday. Not only did I have that food prepared, but every small appliance in my kitchen was used. My mixer, my big food processor, my small food chopper, two pots, a frying pan, several baking dishes, two pie plates, and my crock pot. Not to mention mixing bowls, cake pans, cutting boards, rolling pin, pastry mat, and measuring cups. Almost more cleaning up than cooking. We had the pasta casserole, stuffed zucchini, and pecan pie for dinner, for moms birthday. (That's what she ordered :) We had roast, potatoes, gravy, carrots, rolls, green beans, and fruit for Sunday dinner. The elders and the Andersons were here. For a second birthday dessert we had strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cake...with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream. I didn't remember to take any pictures until it was almost too late :) The only complaint was that the layers on the cake weren't in the same order as the layers on the ice cream- lol.

Look at that Face

We spend quite a bit of time looking out the front windows. We often have breakfast on the front porch. We almost always have lunch in the dining room, where we can see out the front window. Here is what is looking back at us.

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Item at The Silver Hanger

When I took my Honey&Lace skirts and my Mikarose dresses to the Home School Convention in Houston, a lady there was suggesting that I purchase some "basic" cap sleeve shirts for The Silver Hanger. Those items are in and I am working on getting those on the website and on Face Book. They are a great item...except they run small (like everything else), so I won't have the correct size for everyone. Great assortment of colors and some of them match the skirts perfectly.

Fifty Nine

It starts getting bad, when I need a calculator to figure out how old I am. It is probably about time to stop having birthdays :) On Sunday, August 30, the Christiansens and the Andersons were at our house for Sunday dinner and they gave me an early birthday party. The cake was frosted watermelon. Some of them (and Ron) were up most of the night before, working on that little project- lol. I also received some cute gifts. (I didn't take pictures of everything) On my actual birthday, Ron took me to dinner and a movie. Earlier in the day, I tried to avoid doing much cleaning and house work- I did get a couple of loads of laundry in and I gave both mom and Ron a hair cut. I was hoping to float around in the pool for a while, but I ran out of time for that. We went to the Palladium theater and saw "The Man from UNCLE". Then we went to Maggianos for dinner. (Ron gave me a tripod for my camera- the last collage is where we are playing around with that.)


Yes...the camera is on the tripod :)

Belly Up to the Water Tub

In June, a hen turkey and her SEVEN chicks showed up in our yard. We have enjoyed them all summer. Now, it is "belly up to the water tub boys...and girls". It is especially funny to see them run across the yard toward the bird seed. If any of our neighbors see this group of 8 turkeys...we will claim them as "ours".

Big Eyes and Cute Face

Super cute, big eyes and cute face...each enjoying something green- lol. Okay so maybe the third one not so cute...but absolutely on the first two. Just having a little fun here :)

Marathon BDay Party

 On Saturday, August 29, we celebrated Noah's birthday. Audrey put together, the "best ever" marathon scavenger hunt, with a "pirate theme". We also used "pirate decor" for the party. Sam did a marathon grilling dinner, of chicken and shrimp. What a big party for a little boy! (tons of pics here- remember you can click on a photo to enlarge it).

Start with a Treasure Map in a bottle and some Pirate gear.

Captain Hook Pretzels

Walk the Plank.

Peg Leg Piano.

The "Gator" that ate the "Tic Toc Clock".

Pass the Parrot game with GG. Emmy won.

Free the Prisoner- Find the Key. (Papa was the pirate prisoner inside the elevator)

Canon Balls on the bunk I mean "ships".

Watch out for the Sharks in the water- at the bottom of the slide.

Make your own Pirate Ship...and then sail it.

Last, but not least...X marks the spot for a Treasure!

Happy Birthday to Noah.