Monday, September 21, 2015

Fifty Nine

It starts getting bad, when I need a calculator to figure out how old I am. It is probably about time to stop having birthdays :) On Sunday, August 30, the Christiansens and the Andersons were at our house for Sunday dinner and they gave me an early birthday party. The cake was frosted watermelon. Some of them (and Ron) were up most of the night before, working on that little project- lol. I also received some cute gifts. (I didn't take pictures of everything) On my actual birthday, Ron took me to dinner and a movie. Earlier in the day, I tried to avoid doing much cleaning and house work- I did get a couple of loads of laundry in and I gave both mom and Ron a hair cut. I was hoping to float around in the pool for a while, but I ran out of time for that. We went to the Palladium theater and saw "The Man from UNCLE". Then we went to Maggianos for dinner. (Ron gave me a tripod for my camera- the last collage is where we are playing around with that.)


Yes...the camera is on the tripod :)

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