Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to Alison

The Christiansens arrived on Saturday, August 22. We had a little birthday celebration on Sunday evening, so that she and Micah could have a date night on her birthday. Audrey and the boys were at our house too. We all went to church together on Sunday. It was great to add Alison, Audrey, and all of the kids to the Kerrville Primary. They were a great help there. Here are a few pics for Alison's birthday. The strawberry cake that I made turned out to be too soft and messy to hold candles. But we did manage to get 31 candles on my "plan B" cake. (one layer of white and one layer of chocolate).

Yep...31 candles on there :) 

Favorite photo...look at Dallin blowing too :)

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