Monday, September 21, 2015

Marathon BDay Party

 On Saturday, August 29, we celebrated Noah's birthday. Audrey put together, the "best ever" marathon scavenger hunt, with a "pirate theme". We also used "pirate decor" for the party. Sam did a marathon grilling dinner, of chicken and shrimp. What a big party for a little boy! (tons of pics here- remember you can click on a photo to enlarge it).

Start with a Treasure Map in a bottle and some Pirate gear.

Captain Hook Pretzels

Walk the Plank.

Peg Leg Piano.

The "Gator" that ate the "Tic Toc Clock".

Pass the Parrot game with GG. Emmy won.

Free the Prisoner- Find the Key. (Papa was the pirate prisoner inside the elevator)

Canon Balls on the bunk I mean "ships".

Watch out for the Sharks in the water- at the bottom of the slide.

Make your own Pirate Ship...and then sail it.

Last, but not least...X marks the spot for a Treasure!

Happy Birthday to Noah.

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