Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our River Adventure for July

The last week of July we did an all day river tubing adventure. Annie and Audrey had given Ron a double tube for Fathers Day. He had been wanting to go tube the river behind our house from the BGR park to English Crossing. We should have gone a bit sooner, when the river was higher, there were places that were very shallow, places that we had to carry the tube and walk, and other places where it was just "still" water (so lots of paddling). Luckily Ron thought about taking a small shovel, that he used for a paddle. But, we all know how things go with just ONE paddle :)  I took tons of pics, but will only post a few here- they start all looking the same after a while. I could only get pics of the calm places, because I put the camera away in the rapid places, so that it would not get wet. The rapid places were not really very fast, but we were bouncing off the rocks :) Sometimes we had to just lay out flat across the tube to keep our bottom from dragging through the rocks. The entire trip was 8 and a half hours. We parked the mustang down at English Crossing then took the tube and the suburban to the park. The funniest part was "two old" people trying to get IN and OUT of the tube. I fell down before we even got the tube in the river- it was a slippery downhill bank. Sometimes getting back into the tube was not too bad...just get positioned and then plop. But getting out was an entirely different story. Twice Ron ended up completely flat on his stomach laying in the river. Once he ended up flat on his back in the river. When we were coming up close to the road at English Crossing, I bailed out, sat in the river trying to grab on to slippery rocks with one hand and hold onto the tube with the other hand while Ron bailed out. FUNNY :)

This is OUR... beach (?)

This is where the underground spring comes out.

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