Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Silver Hanger at the Home School Conference

Ashley and Daniel and the kids left on Wednesday, then on Thursday morning we loaded up the suburban and headed for Houston. (August 13) Our first stop was lunch with some of Ron's friends from COP. By the time we arrived at the restaurant and tried to find a parking place, where there was none- we were about done with Houston traffic- lol. After lunch, Ron went to the COP office for about an hour, while I went shopping for a mirror. Late Thursday afternoon, in rush hour traffic, we headed to the North Hilton. We were there all day on Friday and Saturday, as a vendor at the National LDS Home School Conference. We had a nice room and the conference was in the beautiful lobby of the hotel. We met some really nice people there. I sold some skirts and dresses, we loaded up Saturday evening and made it home by about 10:30.

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