Thursday, September 24, 2015

Triathlon Cooking Day

Last Saturday, while Mike and Carrie were doing a real triathlon in CA- I was doing a "triathlon" cooking day. I didn't expect it to take me all day in the kitchen, but it did. Maybe it was more of a "cooking marathon". By the time I was done, I had...a chicken/cauliflower/macncheese casserole, stuffed zucchini boats, a pecan pie, a three layer birthday cake, 5 jars of applesauce, and a roast ready to go in the crock pot for Sunday. Not only did I have that food prepared, but every small appliance in my kitchen was used. My mixer, my big food processor, my small food chopper, two pots, a frying pan, several baking dishes, two pie plates, and my crock pot. Not to mention mixing bowls, cake pans, cutting boards, rolling pin, pastry mat, and measuring cups. Almost more cleaning up than cooking. We had the pasta casserole, stuffed zucchini, and pecan pie for dinner, for moms birthday. (That's what she ordered :) We had roast, potatoes, gravy, carrots, rolls, green beans, and fruit for Sunday dinner. The elders and the Andersons were here. For a second birthday dessert we had strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cake...with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream. I didn't remember to take any pictures until it was almost too late :) The only complaint was that the layers on the cake weren't in the same order as the layers on the ice cream- lol.

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