Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nothing to Blog About ;)

Now that summer is over and all of our visitors have gone back home...there is not much to blog about now. I guess...I could tell you about the morning when I got up, looked out at the pool, and saw a rat sitting on my floatie. Or maybe I could tell you about the giant 4 inch spider that was crawling across the drive way, one evening. Or maybe I could tell you about the mouse "food storage" piles that I found in the attic. Or maybe I should explain why we keep a fly swatter near the table in the kitchen- it's for the red wasps. Or maybe I could tell you the story about the snake on the front porch.
Have I mentioned that we live in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, with all of the critters? lol
Instead of telling you about those things...I'll just post pictures of my Halloween decorations- hehe.
Last year, after we had moms birthday party and we did all sorts of decorations for that, I guess I was "decorated out". I managed a few Christmas decorations, but never touched any decorations for Halloween, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Fourth of July, etc. I forget that I have some really cute stuff- lol. So this year, as I was cleaning out the attic, and organizing our food storage, I found all of my Halloween stuff. So we are in the "Spirit of Halloween" here.

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