Sunday, December 6, 2015

Food Storage

When I was working on my Christmas decorations, I kept finding little...or maybe not so little...stashes, inside my boxes of decorations. Some little...or maybe not so little...mouse had lots of food storage in our attic. It had been moving black sunflower seeds and little round red seeds from the bird seed in the garage to it's storage places.

Christmas Trees

I have two, favorite, small Christmas trees and one regular one that I put up, just because it's expected. I have a small Noah's ark tree. We had to redo the lights this year, because it was pre lit and half of the string didn't work. It took both Ron and I quite awhile to pull those off. Then my favorite tree has an outdoor/fishing/animal/cowboy theme, with black bears under it :) I started working on all of those about a week before Thanksgiving. I finished all of the decorations the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. We invited 5 other couples (neighbors) to come for dessert on Sunday evening. My December this year is cut short, because of our trip to Utah. Between Christmas, my primary calling, and stuff at home...I am running out of time.