Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just a Little Project

Just a LITTLE project, mixed in among my other BIG projects. It is amazing how just that little curtain, takes away the "bare" window look. My hang up here was the fact that the fabric I liked was already made into a table runner, so I had to "pick that out" to use it. Then I had a bit of trouble with the lining and had to give that a couple of tries before I came up with something that worked. I also have new fabric for the seat cushion and a couple of pillows...but that got moved to the bottom of the list...we'll see if I get that far in the next month. I was starting to panic on Sunday evening, thinking of all the things I still need to do before Christmas. I got a couple of those things done this week, got started on a couple more, and sent out an email asking for HELP with primary stuff...that is yet to be resolved :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Primary Program

Our big project every year for Primary, at church, is the annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.
Ours was on Sunday, October 30. Squeezed right in between the Fall Festival and Halloween- lol. I planned for 28 children. We had a few "no shows", but we just skipped those parts. One of those made me a little sad, because I had a specific part for two twin boys, to do together, and they didn't come that day. Another one that didn't come was a 12 year old girl, with a narrator part. Luckily on that one I had given that part to a boy who turns 12 in December, Deacon Cruz. He did a great job. The other three narrators were Isaac Huff, Amanda Martin, and Emma Carlson. (They are all 12 already) The amazing thing that I tried this year was having those kids help the younger kids and also manage the microphone. It was awesome! Every single person that commented to me about the program, mentioned how impressed they were with that idea and how it turned out. I also reluctantly agreed to have a cookie reception in the overflow right after Sacrament meeting. I'm not sure that it had the hoped for result of being able to have the missionaries meet the guests, but the kids loved it. We also switched sharing time and class time that day, so that the reception was only disrupting sharing time and not class time. Although the kids were wound up and sugared up by class time. Here are a few pics of our primary classes. (Of course, I have no photos of the program it's self.) I also included photos for some of our "Scripture Heros" that visited Primary this year :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Fender Bender

We always go to Kerrville on Wednesday evenings for meetings at church. We have a lady from Home Instead that comes to the house from 4-10 on those nights. That allows us a little extra time if we need to leave early for dinner or visits. That also allows us to stay at church until 9 pm, if needed. On Wednesday, October 12, we went to church as usual and left to come home about 8:45. I was thinking, that we might have a little extra time to stop at Sonic, in Bandera on the way home. But as we were sitting at a stop light, behind two pick up trucks...the truck in front of us started backing up. Ron grabbed the wind shield wiper shifter instead of the gear no backing up for us. We had to just watch the truck hit us. Plus on impact, the wipers came on- lol. I knew right away that we would be delayed getting home. I tried to call mom and she didn't answer her phone. Then I called Home Instead and had them call the lady at the house. We pulled off the street and waited for the police to show up. Then the "kid" driving the pickup called his parents, and they showed up. They made a deal with us, that they would just pay for the repairs. (it wasn't too bad, just tore a hole in the front bumper.) Now a couple of weeks later...Ron's car looks brand new :) Plus the other moral of the story, is that when we leave the house and a Home Instead lady is never know what might happen to our schedule. (Mom has not "clicked" into the idea that whatever I need to do away from the house, is limited to a 5 or 6 hour schedule each day.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

This and That

As I was looking through my photos, I realized that I had some random ones to share. One of my sharing times in August was about Samuel the Lamanite. I had ordered a Samuel the Lamanite figurine from Amazon, then I set it on a "rice krispie treat wall". It went well and the kids had a great time taking a piece of the wall. But we suffered "sugar overload" for the rest of primary :)

I have been advertising everything on SALE at The Silver Hanger. Things actually went pretty well in September and I had several good sales. October has been bad...looking like "donations" here we come for November.

I did a cute little teacher appreciation handout for September. A little sticky note pad with thought and a few paragraphs for the Teaching No Greater Call manual. I figured out how to copy and paste photos of Christ, from to labels...great for primary items.

As I am working on things for Christmas...I really wanted to get a play kitchen and put it in the toy closet downstairs. Plus I bought some new "play food" items. Now I just need to find a small table and four chairs.

GG Birthday

We had a little birthday celebration on Sunday evening, Sept. 18, for mom. Audrey and the boys were here. A little birthday cake and ice cream. Then a foot soak and pedicure ;) Eli led us in singing happy birthday, by standing on a chair and waving a spoon :) On Monday, mom's actually birthday, she got to go to the cancer center for a ct scan :( Such is life around here these days. Here are just a few pics.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Day...My Life

If I describe my day to will also describe my life these days :) This one maybe started last night, right when I was getting ready to go to bed...about 11 pm. Take mom to the bathroom. Now get ready and get in bed. 1 am...take mom to the bathroom. Go back to bed...some trouble going back to sleep. 5:30 am... or hasn't "buzzed" me again...maybe she will wait until 6:30am , when her radio comes on. Nope...6 am...take mom to the bathroom. Go back to bed, sleep unsoundly until about 7:30 am. Get up, quickly put on some clothing. Take mom to the bathroom and then get her breakfast out. Let's see...what can I get done, while waiting for Ron to show up for breakfast? (it usually takes him about 2 hours from when he gets up, to come to the table.) Oh, get moms cake made for tomorrow. Wait...I still have groceries from yesterday to put away. Better check Face Book, email, the website, and my phone. Got the cake in the oven. I got one box of dresses unpacked from the garage this week...maybe I should pull a couple more boxes of dresses out of the garage, and get photos of them, for the lady in AZ. Oh...breakfast now. Better also start some laundry. My phone rings- from that phone call, I need to make a phone call. Left message to call me back. Take mom to the bathroom. Phone call came back. Spent 30 minutes on that call. Go help mom get dressed and start her laundry. Maybe I should make a list of specific items to get done today...somehow I'm getting side tracked. Okay...go up stairs and get my primary stuff ready for tomorrow. Get on the computer to find another phone number. Oh, look, several notifications on FB. Better check my website again...maybe a new order there...nope. Check email...two accounts to check now. An email asking about the songs for the primary program- where is that list?? Take mom to the bathroom. Fix lunch. Dryer done, hang up clothes. Clean up kitchen table and take mom to the bathroom. Lunch with Ron. Take clothes to the closet. Go out to garage to fill up the bug sprayer...spilled some on the floor. Go to the bathroom in shop to get paper towels. Boy, that toilet needs to be cleaned. Clean toilet. Clean up bug spray and spray the outside of house and around the pool and front sidewalk. Take small sprayer inside and spray corners and door thresh holds. Dryer done, fold moms laundry. Take mom to the bathroom. Go upstairs and finish primary stuff for tomorrow. Oh yeah...I still need to make two phone calls. Oh look...notifications on FB- Ashley just did a cute post- save photo. Find the phone number I needed- make two calls. Another notification about the BGR news letter for Oct. I really need to put an ad in there. Send email for information. Printed out save-the-date cards for the primary program. Answer another email from Chatfields, help her get rid of dresses, too. Take mom to the bathroom. Better start dinner soon. I really want to try out the apple dumpling recipe...maybe I have time to make that while fixing dinner. Not exactly my day for cooking. Over boiled the pasta- got the apple dumplings in the oven, had just put the hamburgers in the pan- yup, take mom to the bathroom. The pasta is mushy, and the hamburgers are tough. The apple dumplings taste great, but need to work on getting the crust to "hang on" better. Ron ate quick, because he had appointment at 7 to help someone with family history. Clean up kitchen. Take mom to bathroom. Clean up kitchen floor. Oh...frost birthday cake, that I made this morning. Now it is after two boxes of dresses to photograph are still sitting in the breezeway- my bag of primary stuff for tomorrow is not completely packed- the bug spray is still sitting in the exercise room- I still need to make salad for tomorrow, and get mom ready for bed. LOL
My plan now (9pm) - drag the two boxes from the garage into the exercise room, go make salad for dinner tomorrow, help mom get ready for bed...then finish up my primary stuff for tomorrow. Then see what happens during the night tonight- ha.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Senior Bday Party

So a bday party for me was nothing like the Rock Star Party- lol. You can see how excited Eli was, in the first photo :) Audrey and Sam cooked some great food for dinner. And...Audrey made two pies. Her first pie crusts ever :) (One coconut and one chocolate pie) This was the Sunday evening before my birthday. Yummy chocolate pie... just ask Noah. (Pic #7) ON my birthday...Ron took me to the TMobile store to get a new phone, then dinner at PF Changs, and then a movie. We had alittle trouble with the movie, because the projector was broken at the theater where we already had tickets. Got a refund there and a couple of free passes. Then we went to another theater, to see the movie Ben-Hur. Ron took his popcorn and drink from the first theater into the second theater ;) All of this just meant we were an hour later getting home than we had planned. And it meant more driving around than planned. So...I'm old enough to get a senior discount at the movies and "senior size" snacks!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Rock Star Party

The theme for Noah's third birthday party was "Rock Star". A lady in Audrey's ward made an awesome guitar cake. He got lots of presents. Lunch was Subway sandwiches and chips. Then chocolate cake with vanilla frosting-- just what he ordered. Ron, mom, and I went. Ben and Shari came from Wiley. Fishers were there...without Rob and Evelyn and her husband came. Eli was especially cute being a rock star and singing and acting with an inflatable guitar :)