Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Fun

I came home with over 300 pics on my camera...only a few more to go- lol. Luckily, I deleted some and made lots of collages, instead of posting individual photos. Some of our Christmas fun included SNOWMEN...inside and outside, cookies, and snow. The snowmen smores were gifts to take to friends. We also made cute snowman, hot chocolate cups, to give to teachers at church (no pics of those). The outside snowmen were cute...but Mason kept eating the noses- lol. Ron and Daniel took the kids sledding. Ron has great memories of the "Thompson PoFolks" sleds- made from a cardboard box and a plastic bag. Since Ron and a home teacher went and picked up a new bed for Ashley and Daniel, and then unpacked it and assembled it- there was a great selection of cardboard and plastic. (Not very good pics of sledding) (Remember you can click on any picture and make it larger.)

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