Monday, January 11, 2016

Count Down to Christmas

On Thursday and Friday, Hailey and Jaden still had school. Daniel was home then too, but he left on Saturday morning, for a quick trip with his family on the west coast. The kids had a cute little Christmas tree downstairs. I started putting a small gift for each of them there each night, for them to open each morning. Things like stickers, coloring books, a hat, some craft projects, window clings, etc. The kids were usually up before us and spent some time entertaining themselves each morning. When I cooked food for dinners, I tried to cook extra to go in the freezer. Plus people from church brought food too. On Saturday morning, Ron and I took the kids and went to breakfast at the church- the kids got to see some of their friends there. On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to church. Ron also took the kids to a place to play on some big slides- very HAPPY pics.

Mason's favorite pass time...watching TV from mom's bed.

This is how Mason plays with the cat.

This is how Ron plays with the cat.


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