Thursday, January 14, 2016

December 28-31, 2015

On Monday, we just hung around the house with the kids. Daniel went to work and to the dentist. Late afternoon, Ashley and I went to Wal Mart. Maybe not the best choice for an outing...but good to get Ash out of the house ;) I fixed dinner and we had a brief FHE with the Christmas story paper chain activity that I took with us. Mike and Carrie met the Christiansens in downtown SLC for dinner and temple square on Monday evening. If we had planned ahead better, I would have liked to do that. (I had to go grab pics from FB) On Tuesday afternoon we took the kids to a "Jump" place. Tuesday afternoon, Ashley had a photographer come and take photos of Hazel. Then we all went to Chilis for dinner...even Ashley and Hazel. (It was just barely snowing and really cold.) The kids loved the table top tablets in Chilis with games on them. Wednesday was our last full day there. I helped clean up the house, do laundry, and put Christmas away. I also repaired one of the the folding sofa mats (downstairs). Ron shoveled snow a couple of times that day. I went and bought subway sandwiches for lunch. Jaden spent some time with his friends in the afternoon and evening. Daniel went to work that day and then in the evening, he and Ron went to basketball at the church. On Thursday, December 31st, we left Smithfield about 8:30 am. We left a bit early, so that we could meet the Christiansens before going to the airport. They met us for brunch at a Taco Bell near the airport. (not exactly our favorite fast food, but handy) We hung around there for a couple of hours with them. Then they had some other errands and/or shopping to do- Micah basically had that day off from work. In the afternoon our travels were perfect again. No problem checking the rental car back in, got through security quick, flight was slightly early, bags quick, and Aud there in the mustang to pick us up. Then we went to a pizza restaurant, called "Dough" for dinner. Sam and the boys met us there. Fun evening with them. (I grabbed internet pics for Taco Bell and Dough) We arrived home about 9 pm. I unpacked and did "stuff" until midnight and then went to bed. No... New Years celebration- ha.  But very glad to be back home and in my own bed :) I am done with 2015- Happy New Year- now I can print my book :)

First outing to Chilis :)

This is what happens to your eyes when playing video games :)

I guess Mom's eyes have the same problem, from "watching" the kids play video games :)

Who needs toys for Christmas...when you have BOXES??

Eli and Noah got to make their own pizza. Eli ate ALL of his :)
One last pic of baby Hazel...after all this trip was all about her.

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