Monday, January 11, 2016


Not only get everything ready for primary 2016, but get Christmas all ready in two weeks. My December got cut in half, since we leave on December 15 for Utah. I decorated our house for everyone that would be at our house while we were gone :) Reminding myself, that some of those people would be small children- "don't put out too much stuff"- ha. We added extra shifts to the Home Instead schedule for Dec.15-31. Andersons came out on Christmas Eve. Andersons and Fishers had Christmas dinner at our house. Before we left, we had a few neighbors come for a Sunday evening dessert. We had friends come for lunch and we had other friends come for dinner, twice. We packed as much as we could into the first two weeks of December, in order to be gone for the last two weeks of December. We got most of our home teaching and visiting teaching done. I did have to send out 3 cards, to families that we couldn't go see. I mailed gifts to all of the kids and grand kids- plus we sent money. I sent two boxes to Ashley's house, with a label on the outside, "Don't open until Baba gets there". I left Christmas gifts for mom and Andersons in a closet up stairs. One of my last projects to finish, was mailing out Christmas cards. I finished everything just in time to spend a late night on Monday, December 14th, packing.

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