Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sunday, December 27

Sunday was our last full day to have the Christiansens there with the Petes. Alison and Micah fixed breakfast for everyone- eggs, sausage, and french toast. Everyone except Ashley and Hazel went to church. Sacrament meeting was all about the power of music in the gospel. It was comprised of short talks and singing hymns. It was good to go to Relief Society with Alison. I miss not being able to go to church with the girls- especially the women's meetings. I fixed some turkey and noodles for dinner, with some of the leftover turkey. Al fixed a big tossed salad. Dessert was cookies and cake. Late afternoon and evening was more cousin time for the kids with various activities. Here are various pics from the day. Board games, Iphone, everybody ready for church, Micah getting his hair fixed, bubbles...and...Evie loves to have Papa read to her!

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