Monday, January 11, 2016

UTAH...December 15.

Our flight left SA about 2 pm. We left the mustang at Audrey's house about 11:30 am and she took us to the airport. Not only was that less expensive, but there was very little parking even available near the airport. Our travel day was perfect. The flight was on time, our bags arrived quickly, no problem getting the rental car. There was snow in Utah and it was pretty cold, but clear roads. We stopped at an IHop in Logan for dinner, then found the "Pete house". Daniel's friend, Mike, had taken Jaden, Hailey, and Mason to the ColorVibe Christmas party for the evening. They arrived home shortly after us. Ashley had Hazel early afternoon, that day. They came home late Wednesday afternoon. No time lounging around at the hospital, after she was born- hehe. Here are the first pictures of Hazel and the other kids... and papa.

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