Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Front Yard

I did a little interesting thing with photos today. Ron has been working very hard trimming trees and cleaning up the "front yard"... if you can call the area in front of the house a yard :) He was wondering if the trees had grown. As we were talking about that I realized that I had some old photos, that I could find and put together with some new photos. Here is what I came up with- some are not exactly matching...but close. We have come along way since Sept. of 2007. (Also, as you can see, in 2007 the road was just gravel- by 2010, it was paved.)

The first picture is Sept. 2007, one of the first times that we looked at the lot. In the next four collages the top photo was in 2007 or 2010 and the bottom photo was today. (The first collage was Sept. 2007. The next one with Ron standing in the center is from October 2007. The last two are from Nov. 2010.)

Monday, February 15, 2016

February Party

When I talked to Annie on the phone last night, I was telling her that we had a Valentines/Audrey Birthday/ Ron Birthday party. We managed to get 33 candles on a cake for Audrey and 3 candles on a pie for Ron. (That is because I had three packages of candles- each with 12 in them. Since we needed all but three of those for the cake- the pie got the three that were left :) She was asking me how old Ron will be this week... 62. She asked how we missed the big "60" party for him. When I went back and looked at my blog books- that was a pretty exciting birthday for him...we went tot he pioneer museum in Bandera- lol. Last year we must have had the elders here for a Sunday dinner and then birthday cake for both Ron and Audrey- actually large cupcakes. These birthdays are pretty lame around here :) I did do a few extra decorations this year with my paper Valentine garlands.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Remember this blog is mostly for me...and my book ;) A few Valentines decorations. I made the paper hearts today. We are going to have a double birthday/valentines party on Sunday, and I wanted some cute decorations. I found the idea for these on Pinterest. Even though I am on a tight budget this month, I ordered the heart paper punch from Amazon. This is my "happy purchase" for the month :)
There were alot of things I should have been doing this afternoon, but instead, I was "sewing paper".