Monday, February 15, 2016

February Party

When I talked to Annie on the phone last night, I was telling her that we had a Valentines/Audrey Birthday/ Ron Birthday party. We managed to get 33 candles on a cake for Audrey and 3 candles on a pie for Ron. (That is because I had three packages of candles- each with 12 in them. Since we needed all but three of those for the cake- the pie got the three that were left :) She was asking me how old Ron will be this week... 62. She asked how we missed the big "60" party for him. When I went back and looked at my blog books- that was a pretty exciting birthday for him...we went tot he pioneer museum in Bandera- lol. Last year we must have had the elders here for a Sunday dinner and then birthday cake for both Ron and Audrey- actually large cupcakes. These birthdays are pretty lame around here :) I did do a few extra decorations this year with my paper Valentine garlands.

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