Monday, March 21, 2016

Around the Block

If I go out the front door, up the drive way and take a left- to the corner of Palomino and Horseshoe Falls, then a right- to the corner of Horseshoe Falls and Buckskin Trail, then another right- to the corner of Buckskin Trail and Palomino Springs, then another right- back to our drive way... it's like going around the block. Only thing is that block is 2.5 miles :) That is my "walk route". I have known for some time that just doing that once a day was probably not enough steps. But twice a day, would be pretty good. (at least according to the fitbit...that I don't have yet- haha). I have in my mind that 10,000 steps per day is a good goal and I think the 5 miles would count as that. The tricky part is fitting in that second walk. The morning one is pretty easy. I just need to be sure that I get out there early enough, before it gets too hot. The evening walk needs to be late enough to be cool, but not so late that it is dark. And I have to work around fixing dinner. Last week I did 2.5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I did 5 on Tuesday and Thursday. (Sometimes I will be able to get at least one walk in on Saturday. But that didn't happen last Saturday.) Today...I got my 5. I went this morning and then I went about 6:45 and I got to see the sunset and the moon rise. (Last Tuesday when I went at 7:15- it was too dark just before home. The deer and I were scaring each other and I couldn't tell exactly what kind of snake was at the end of the drive way. ha.) Just before the corner of Palomino Springs and Horseshoe Falls, there is hill. It's not a huge hill- but for an old lady, who is out of shape, I am usually "huffing and puffing" to get up that thing. By the time I make it to the top- I am almost exactly half way on my walk. So, even if I wanted to turn around- at that point it would be the same distance, either way. The only other trick is trying to figure out the weather temp and wear the appropriate clothing. Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, sometimes just right- lol.

Wild Hog Explosion

"Wild Hog Explosion"... who came up with a crazy name like that?? That is what was happening in Bandera on Saturday. It's an event to raise money for the local library. One of our neighbors is on the board or the committee or something...and was in charge of a food booth. So he asked us to come and volunteer to serve food. We showed up at Mansfield park at 10:30 am- got alittle training and started serving food at 11:00. There were two choices on the food- a large plate for $8 and a small plate for $5. The large plate included, pulled pork, sausage, beans, potato salad, bread, pickles, onions, water or tea. The small plate was a sausage wrapped in a tortilla, a bag of chips, and water or tea. The large plate of food was a really nice, large lunch. The event also had various booths and games. And of course the hog catching contest. There was small arena set up, where teams, of two people tried to see how fast they could catch the hog, put it in a gunny sack, and carry it to a "line". The team with the fastest time wins. All ages- small kids get small hogs, bigger kids bigger hogs. I assume adults get the biggest hog. We didn't stay to see that. The weather was actually pretty cold, with a strong wind blowing. But...hey...we got a free lunch and a free crazy shirt.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Love Those Snap Dragons

Can you tell...I really like the snap dragons? Got to get pics. before the deer eat em.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Little GREEN

We have had some rain during the past week, so the yard is starting to show a little GREEN. Mostly weeds...but at least GREEN. Ron had a plan for this year to be sure that the grass was short, when the wild flowers began popping up- so that they didn't just get lost in the tall grass. We will see if his plan works- hoping for wildflowers any day. Here is the ONE blue bonnet. (Any chance that the fourth picture is flowers instead of weeds?? There is a whole bed of these- and they are thick. The thing throwing me off, is that they don't seem to be hardly anywhere else in the yard. I'll bet they are weeds that will have blooms soon.) Then the only other touch of GREEN here, is inside the house. Since there is only 9 days between St. Patrick's Day and Easter this year, I only put out St. Patricks Day decor in a couple of spots and the rest...I went straight to Easter.

Flowers or weeds??


Until the deer find these...we have snapdragons blooming! As soon as the deer find them, they will be pruned off ;) These are actually amazing plants that came back from last year. When I think they are dead, I throw the remains somewhere, and the next season they come back. The rest of my flowerbeds are just weeds. Trying to get motivated to clean those out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mini Pies

I saw a post on FaceBook about making little mini pies in a jar lid ring. They turned out pretty well. Perfect size. I used canned blueberry pie filling- not so good ;) I need to try these again only using some real fruit- lol.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy Birthday to Eli

Eli's birthday was yesterday, but we did a little party on Sunday evening, when they came for dinner. Last year he told me he wanted a strawberry cake. I thought that was a little strange, but that is what I made. I later found out that the nanny had been playing "pretend" strawberry cakes with him, so he really didn't know what a real strawberry cake was. Needless to say, he was not very excited about the cake last year. This year, I told him I was not making another strawberry cake, but I was making an ice cream sandwich cake. ( He loves ice cream sandwiches) I actually had a dream last week, that I had trouble getting the layers on an ice cream cake to stick together. No problem with that...but the icing was another story. (ha) I tried to get fancy, instead of just using cool whip...but it turned out okay. And as you can see, Eli was pretty excited about it. The rest of the decor was "Mickey Mouse", which he loved. We actually had kind of an "indoor picnic" with small, mini burgers, corn on the cob, salads, and pickles- with checkered table cloth, plastic baskets, and paper bowls. (the first picture is comparing the strawberry cake with the ice cream sandwich cake- lol) Can't believe that Eli is 5.

Breakfast and Lunch Buddies

Here are a few of our breakfast and lunch buddies. Ron and I usually have those two meals in the dining room...sitting next to each other, on the same side of the table...facing the window. Ron goes out each morning and fills the hanging bird feeders and puts bird seed in the bird bath, and sprinkles other bird seed on the rocks and then puts corn in a black plastic feeder, on the ground. There is also a black water tub out there. While it is mostly the deer, squirrels, and other birds...the turkeys have come back occasionally. We love to see "who" comes to the front yard for breakfast or lunch- haha.
The last photo is not in the front yard, but on the back porch. That little rascal showed up for "dessert" one evening, about bedtime.