Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Little GREEN

We have had some rain during the past week, so the yard is starting to show a little GREEN. Mostly weeds...but at least GREEN. Ron had a plan for this year to be sure that the grass was short, when the wild flowers began popping up- so that they didn't just get lost in the tall grass. We will see if his plan works- hoping for wildflowers any day. Here is the ONE blue bonnet. (Any chance that the fourth picture is flowers instead of weeds?? There is a whole bed of these- and they are thick. The thing throwing me off, is that they don't seem to be hardly anywhere else in the yard. I'll bet they are weeds that will have blooms soon.) Then the only other touch of GREEN here, is inside the house. Since there is only 9 days between St. Patrick's Day and Easter this year, I only put out St. Patricks Day decor in a couple of spots and the rest...I went straight to Easter.

Flowers or weeds??

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